Saturday, August 22, 2009

Canine Humiliation...

My poor dogs.

In addition to the normal, low-grade day-to-day embarrassment of being owned by someone like myself, my dogs must, on occasion, be subjected to my work-related bursts of "creativity."
This shot was taken for a F&S post earlier this year. I stumbled across it tonight while doing some computer housecleaning.
Needless to say, the dogs weren't amused.
I, on the other hand, thought it was a brilliant idea for the topic at hand, which was the declining number of gundogs being registered with AKC.
Oh, well. They got over it.


  1. Oh, you can just see the sense of betrayal and humiliation in their faces!

  2. Recommendation. If they don't change the law to something realistic, organize. Demonstrate. Make campaign contributions and work for people who will repeal the law. If that doesn't work, hire a detective and start digging for dirt on the self righteous buzybody scumbags who voted this thing in.